University Mission

Based on its achievements and tradition, keen scholarly research and artistic and publishing activities, as well as the wide network of international partners and close collaboration with the business sector, St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo strives to:

  • serve in the favour of national, regional and local public benefit and participate in global education, scholarly and artistic work;
  • train market-oriented, socially-engaged, highly-qualified experts who can improve business and education, and, using knowledge and expertise gained at the University, successfully adapt to the society and culture of Bulgaria or any country worldwide;
  • further train, improve and establish its academic staff of scholars and lecturers by consistently revising and updating its teaching methods;
  • unify educational, scholarly and publishing activities by giving equal opportunity to innovative and flexible high quality education and academic environment to students, doctoral and post-graduate students of any age and background;
  • support its scholars in achieving international recognition of their research and publications;
  • distribute and apply knowledge and skills so that they best benefit all social strata;
  • maintain and improve its material and technical foundation to accommodate contemporary, high quality and effective teaching and research alongside conditions for a modern lifestyle and leisure activities;
  • function as a hub for education, science and culture, and promote innovative thinking;
  • engage in entrepreneurial activities and initiate and encourage cooperation with the business sector, striving to improve education and work quality.