Library of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology

The library was set up on the basis of a specialized theological collection of the Faculty of History, which was expanded over time. After a joint project with the Pokrov Bogorodichen Foundation in 2002, the collection became part of the Prof. Totyu Koev Orthodox Library and Information Centre. In 2009, the library of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology entered the structure of the University Library.

Since its establishment, the library has had a large specialized stock in the fields of theology, art studies, medieval studies, philosophy, history, etc. Nowadays, it holds more than 15,000 items (books, periodicals, notes, CDs, DVDs, audio and video tapes).

The library keeps the donated private libraries of Nedyu Aleksandrov, Prof. Todor Sabev, Bishop Nestor, Prof. Totyu Koev (the Faculty’s first dean), Professor and Protopresbyter Niko­lay Shivarov, Prof. Hristo Stoyanov Hristov, and Prof. Lyuben Prashkov.

The library also has a number of rare and valuable reference books and periodicals, the most important of which are: Greek-language collections of patristic sources, Lexicon für Theol­ogie und Kirche, Православная Энциклопедия, Duhovna Kultura Journal, encyclopedias, dictionaries and albums in English, Greek, Russian, German, and Serbian.

Furthermore, the library stores valuable, specialized editions, provided through research projects by lecturers from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology.

The library has 18 reading places, one of which is computerized.