Educational Web Platforms

ALISON – The platform offers multidisciplinary courses, as well as the option to choose according to the level of difficulty. It also provides the opportunity to obtain a diploma or a certificate upon successful completion of a course.

COURSERA – An educational platform that gives access to courses and programmes developed by world-renowned universities.

The University of Reddit – Study materials and lectures from the University of Reddit.

MIT Open CourseWare – Free access for those who wish to expand their technical education. The courses offered are in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Quantum Physics, and Linear Algebra. They have been developed by lecturers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Open YALE Courses – Open trainings by Yale and open access to introductory video, audio and text courses taught at the college. No registration is required.

Khan Academy – It provides access to multidisciplinary microlectures. The site has been translated into Bulgarian as well.

VideoLectures.NET – Multidisciplinary video lectures. – Free courses designed specifically for interactive learning via the internet. The platform offers lectures from the Harvard, Boston, Washington and Kyoto universities, the University of California, Berkeley, the Karolinska Institute, and many others.

Scitable – Free access to a scientific library in genetics and in the study of evolution and living organisms.

OpenLearn – It provides free access to the study materials of the Open University.

Academic Earth – Free video lectures by world-famous scholars.

BBC Languages – Self-teachers for foreign language learning. They are suitable for beginners.

JustinGuitar – It provides access to lessons in guitar and music theory.

Open2study – An Australian platform that offers free, high-quality online training in the following fields: photography, web design, marketing, leadership, management, health and healthy eating, climate change, pedagogy, psychology, etc.

Saylor Academy – Тhe platform provides a rich collection of over 300 online courses in different scientific fields, which are designed for self-learning. The materials are updated periodically. – A virtual academic community in which lecturers, doctoral candidates and students from all over the world, including Bulgaria, upload and share scientific materials – articles, collections, reports, surveys, etc.