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2 Teodosii Tarnovski street

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The Austrian Library was founded on 23 November 1994 by the Austrian Federal Foreign Ministry and the Austrian Literature Society. It functions as a cultural, library and information centre and its activities are not limited within the structure of the University of Veliko Tarnovo but also include joint activities with other universities, institutions and the public.

The Austrian Library functions as a cultural information centre for bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Austria in the following fields:

  • cultural – hosting literature readings; meetings with Austrian authors; book presentations; thematic, literary and art exhibitions; film and music nights;
  • scholarly – assisting in hosting conferences and symposiums;
  • educational – holding seminars on Austrian and German literature and culture.

The Austrian Library works in association with the Embassy of the Republic of Austria, the Austrian Literature Society and other cultural and scholarly institutions both in Austria and Bulgaria.

It contributes to the publishing of the series Bibliotheca Austriaca, Bibliothec Historica and others

The library stock and resources include more than 10 000 volumes, audio-visual materials and periodicals in the fields of literature, linguistics, history, economics, psychology, philosophy, culture, politics, cultural and language studies, art, religion and architecture. The Austrian Library offers free access to its stock which can be used at the library or lent to anyone interested in scholarly research. The library is regularly restocked by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the Culture Department and donations by other partner institutions.

The Austrian Library’s information activities are related to aiding students and lecturers in applying for learning opportunities and scholarships in Austria. The Library owns a licence to hold exams for the Austrian German Language Diploma (ÖSD) for all levels, open to all interested candidates.