Necessary documents for bachelor degree

In order to apply for BACHELOR or MASTER degree of educational qualification applicants who have completed their secondary education have to submit:

  • An application form containing biographical data, the program that the applicant would like to enrol in, the type of education, the length of studies and the degree of educational qualification. The applicant also states the level of Bulgarian language competence as well as other languages spoken;    
  • A certified translation of the diploma for secondary education (together with the enclosed list of grades) when the applicant would like to enrol for the full course of studies. The minimum average score of the diploma subjects, included in forming the university entrance score, should not be below 62 per 100 of the maximum value according to the grading system of the country where the applicant has completed his/her secondary education, i.e. the Good mark;     
  • A document issued by an authoritative body attesting the right of the candidate to continue his/her studies in higher education institutions of the country where the secondary education has been completed (if it is not explicitly stated in the diploma);
  • A medical certificate issued one month before the application date, certified by the respective bodies in the applicant’s country;   
  • The diploma, the medical certificate and all documents issued by bodies abroad should be translated into Bulgarian and certified in accordance with the provisions of the international agreements between the Republic of Bulgaria and the country where the documents have been issued. In cases when such provisions are not available, the general order for translation and legalization procedures, and procedures for certification of documents should be considered. The recognition of secondary education diplomas, issued by schools abroad, is carried out by the Regional Office of Education at the Ministry of Education and Science;    
  • Copy of ID document (passport or ID card) showing the applicant’s name written in Latin alphabet as well as his/her date of birth and place of birth. Applicants who have dual citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian, submit copies of both ID documents. When there is a difference in the spelling of the applicant’s name in the ID documents (Bulgarian and foreign), he/she submits a notarized declaration for the identity of names or a letter issued by municipal authority;  
  • Bulgarian language proficiency certificate – when the applicant wants to enrol in a program taught in Bulgarian language;
  • Two passport size photographs.


The documents are sent to the INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS official.  

The University of Veliko Tarnovo sends to applicants the following:

  • A certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria stating that the applicant has been accepted to study at the University of Veliko Tarnovo;
  • The University’s bank account for the candidate to deposit the tuition fee per semester for their studies.

For further information, please contact Mr Ivan Aleksiev

Phone:  +359 62 618 205